10+ Knitted Flower Free Patterns

10+ Knitted Flower Free Patterns

Knitting is a versatile craft that allows artists to create a wide array of projects, from cozy scarves to intricate sweaters. However, beyond the traditional, knitting offers a delightful and rewarding journey into the world of knitted flowers. These knitted blooms bring a touch of nature’s beauty and artistic flair to any project, adding a unique charm to accessories, home decor, and gifts. In this essay, we will explore twelve captivating Knitted Flower Free Patterns. From delicate roses to vibrant pansies, each pattern offers a unique take on the world of knitted florals, inspiring creativity and providing a wonderful way to explore this delightful aspect of knitting. Thanks to the all designers for sharing these Knitted Flower Free Patterns! To get these Patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Happy Knitting!

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1. Coming Up Roses
The Coming Up Roses pattern on Ravelry.com (by flax & twine | anne weil) is a charming and versatile knitted flower design. This pattern allows knitters to create realistic roses, complete with layers of petals and intricate detailing. The pattern provides clear instructions and visual aids to guide knitters through the process, making it suitable for knitters of varying skill levels. Knit these stunning roses to embellish hats, scarves, or as an elegant accessory for a special occasion.

1. Click HERE for this Rose FREE PATTERN

2. Crocuses – Knit a Spring Flower
The Crocuses pattern on Ravelry.com (by Alexis Hamann-Nazaroff) offers a delightful knitted representation of the vibrant spring flower. This pattern is perfect for ushering in the new season with its charmingly simple and elegant design. The Crocuses can be used as embellishments for various projects or combined to create a bouquet that captures the essence of spring.

2 . Click HERE for this Spring Flower FREE PATTERN

3. Knitted Jewelry: Summer Flowers
Petite Purls presents a Summer Flowers knitted jewelry pattern that takes floral creativity to a new level. This unique design transforms knitted flowers into wearable art, making it an exciting and versatile project for crafters to explore. The pattern guides knitters through creating delicate flowers that can be turned into brooches, necklaces, or other accessories, adding a touch of natural beauty to any outfit.

3. Click HERE for this Summer Flower FREE PATTERN 

4. Daffodils
The Daffodils pattern by Oddknit.com captures the cheerful essence of these iconic spring blooms. With clear instructions and helpful visuals, knitters can create lifelike daffodils that bring a burst of color and joy to any project. The Daffodils can be used as standalone decorations or assembled into a bouquet, making them a delightful addition to seasonal home decor.

4 . Click HERE for this Daffodils FREE PATTERN

5. Throwing Bouquet
The Throwing Bouquet pattern by Oddknit.com allows knitters to create a charming bouquet of knitted flowers. This versatile design offers various flower patterns that can be mixed and matched to create a stunning arrangement. From daisies to lilies, the Throwing Bouquet is an ideal project for exploring a diverse range of knitted flowers, making it an enjoyable and creative knitting adventure.

5. Click HERE for this Throwing Bouquet FREE PATTERN 

6. Pinwheel Flowers
The Pinwheel Flowers pattern on Ravelry.com (by Frankie Brown) presents a whimsical and playful take on knitted flowers. This delightful design features a spiraled shape, creating a captivating and unique flower that stands out in any project. The Pinwheel Flowers are perfect for adding a touch of fun and creativity to accessories, home decor, or even children’s toys.

6 . Click HERE for this Pinwheel Flower FREE PATTERN

7. Knitted Flowers Free Pattern
Knitting Galore offers a comprehensive and inspiring guide to knitted flowers. The website presents a collection of various flower patterns, each accompanied by clear instructions and images. This free pattern collection is perfect for knitters looking to experiment with different flower designs and discover new ways to incorporate knitted blooms into their projects.

7. Click HERE for this Knitted Flower FREE PATTERN

8. Free Knitted Flower Pattern
The Yarn Art Cafe provides a lovely and straightforward free knitted flower pattern. This design allows knitters to create charming flowers that can be used as appliques, decorations, or even assembled into a bouquet. The free pattern provides an accessible and enjoyable project for knitters to explore the world of knitted flowers.

8. Click HERE for this FREE PATTERN 

9. Flower Hotpad
AllFreeKnitting.com offers a practical and stylish Flower Hotpad pattern. This design combines functionality with aesthetics, creating a knitted flower that doubles as a hotpad to protect surfaces from hot pots and pans. The pattern is suitable for knitters looking to create both beautiful and useful items for their kitchen.

9 . Click HERE for this Flower Hotpad FREE PATTERN 

10. Pansies
The Pansies pattern by Oddknit.com captures the delicate beauty of these colorful flowers. With clear instructions and detailed visuals, this pattern allows knitters to create lifelike pansies that can be used to decorate accessories, garments, or home decor items.

10 . Click HERE for this Pansies FREE PATTERN

11. How to Knit a Primrose
Fitting in Knitting provides a detailed tutorial on how to knit a Primrose, a beautiful and delicate flower. This pattern guides knitters through the creation of a stunning flower that can be used for various decorative purposes or assembled into a bouquet for a charming centerpiece.

11. Click HERE for this Primrose FREE PATTERN 

12. Five Petal Flower
GoodKnitKisses.com offers a simple and versatile Five Petal Flower pattern. This design allows knitters to create charming flowers that can be used to embellish hats, scarves, or even hair accessories. The Five Petal Flower is a delightful and quick project for knitters of all skill levels.

12. Click HERE for this Five Petal Flower FREE PATTERN 

Knitted Flower Free Patterns offer a delightful journey into the world of floral creativity through the art of knitting. From the intricate and lifelike roses to the charming simplicity of pansies, each pattern provides a unique take on knitted florals. Knitters can use these delightful blooms to embellish various projects, adding a touch of nature’s beauty and artistic flair to their creations. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or a beginner, these knitted flower patterns offer an enjoyable and rewarding knitting experience, inviting crafters to explore the artful world of knitted blossoms. So, pick up your knitting needles and let your imagination bloom as you create these enchanting knitted flowers.

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