6 Cactus Projects Free Crochet Patterns

6 Cactus Project Free Crochet Patterns

The flower language of cactus is strength. It is said that cactus is the weakest thing in the world. She is as delicate as water, and she will lose her life with a slight touch. God couldn’t bear it, and added a set of armor to her heart, as hard as iron, with wounding thorns on it. Since then, no one can see the heart of the cactus, and any creature that approaches her will be dripping with blood. A long time later, there was a brave man who wanted to eradicate this evil thing. The sword fell out, and the cactus became two halves, but green liquid flowed out from the middle. It turned out that it was the heart of a cactus that was sealed away, and because no one understood the loneliness in it, it turned into teardrops. Today we are going to share  6 Cactus Project FREE patterns, which one do you like? Thanks to all the designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, really cute. Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Links to these 6 Cactus Project FREE Crocheted patterns are below:

1. Cactus designed by Theloopylamb is a cute little toy. It is a combination of reindeer and cactus. The head of the cactus is added with the nose and horns of the reindeer. It is really interesting and very cute. Also a trinket to decorate for Christmas.

1: Randy the Reindeer Cactus FREE PATTERN

2. The Cactus designed by Yarnspirations is a pillow that is shaped like a cactus, but it does not have cactus thorns. It is very soft and very easy to care for. It is also very simple to make, and beginners can also complete it very easily.

2: Cactus Pillow FREE PATTERN

3. Designed by Sabrina Boscolo, it is a simulated cactus, small potted plants, loaded with strong cactus, green yarn is used to make cactus, and brown yarn is used to make soil. Very very interesting.

3: Succuleent Plant FREE PATTERN

4. The Cactus designed by Yarnspirations is a hanging ornament, which strings cactus and cactus flowers together and hangs on your wall or other places. It is a very beautiful decoration. It is also very simple to make, and it is really suitable as a decoration in your home.

4: Cactus Ornament FREE PATTERN

5. Icrochetthings designed an anthropomorphic cactus, a perfect combination of rabbit and cactus, long ears, round eyes, blush, and a cactus flower next to the ear, which is so cute , this is a perfect doll, I believe you will like it.

5: Cactus Bunny Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

6. Cactus is a hat designed by Repeatcrafterme. Wearing it on the head can not only keep warm, but also very interesting and cute. On the top of the head is a red cactus flower, this style of cactus hat can also keep your ears warm. The thorns of the cactus are also depicted on the hat, which is really cute.

6: Cactus Hat FREE PATTERN

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