Christmas Gift Card Holder FREE Crochet Patterns

Every Christmas we want to express our love to those we love with gifts. If you have prepared a gift card, then make a unique gift card holder by yourself, your loved one will definitely feel your sincerity when they receive the gift. Or we hang it on our own Christmas tree, which is also a very beautiful decoration. Today we will learn how to make several beautiful Christmas Gift Card Holders. You’ll love these free, great tutorials. First of all, Highlandhickorydesigns designed a   Card Holder with a glove as the shape, with a blue tone on the palm and white on the bottom. The snowflake pattern on the back of the hand makes the entire Gift Card Holder more festive. It will not be too difficult to make, I believe you will like it. Second, Mariasbluecrayon designed the Gift Card Holder in the shape of a small truck. The red truck shape highlights its special features. You can also put your prepared gifts in the truck compartment. Really very interesting. . . Third, 1dogwoof designed a Christmas  Card Holder in the shape of a snowman. The snowman is very cute, and it is full of festive atmosphere. You can stuff presents inside the snowman’s belly. very interesting. Fourth, Sheila Houle designed a Gift Card Holder in the shape of a penguin. The penguin is very cute and wears a certain red Christmas hat. The atmosphere is full. The little penguin is holding a gift box in his hand. You can gift someone special with this cute little penguin by slipping a gift card into its gift box. Thanks to all the designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are so cute! Links to these free patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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Links to these four crochet Christmas Gift Card Holder FREE patterns are here:





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