Crochet Makeup Bag FREE Patterns

Crochet Makeup Bag FREE Patterns

What lady doesn’t like a beautiful makeup bag? It can store our cosmetics and various small items well. Today we are going to share four free and high-quality Crochet Makeup Bag FREE Patterns, which are very beautiful and cute. The first is the Makeup bag with zipper designed by Acrochetedsimplicity, which is divided into two parts, white on the top and yellow on the bottom. In the white area, purple and light blue yarns have been used to make some beautiful patterns, which are very chic. The shape of the whole cosmetic bag is very nice and refreshing. It is also a good choice as a gift. The second is the Makeup bag with pompoms designed by Creativaatelier. It uses a variety of beautiful candy colors, including light blue, pink, yellow and so on. The whole cosmetic bag is very cute, lovely you, of course you deserve to have such a lovely cosmetic bag. The third is the Makeup bag with relatively high color saturation designed by Crochetkim, which is very eye-catching. It mainly uses red, yellow, blue, green yarns. It is divided into inner and outer layers, the outer layer is mainly hollowed out, and the inner layer is a whole layer of cloth bags. Bold color design, very fashionable. The last one is the Makeup Bag designed by Yarnspirations, which has two different color makeup bags, strawberry and blue. This cute little makeup bag fits in your backpack or as a clutch on its own, it’s durable and the perfect size for all your makeup carrying needs. Thanks to all the designers for sharing these Crochet Makeup Bag FREE Patterns! To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Enjoy!

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Links to these Crochet Makeup Bag FREE  Patterns are here:

Makeup Bag FREE Pattern 1

Makeup Bag FREE Pattern 2

Makeup Clutch FREE Pattern 3

Makeup Bag FREE Pattern 4

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