Crochet Pan Protector FREE Patterns

Crochet Pan Protector FREE Patterns

In order to save space, we are often accustomed to stacking pans of different sizes for storage, but how can we avoid scratching them? Yes, we need Pan Protector. The pan protectors are used to protect your non-stick pans from scratching one another if you stack them in your cupboard. Normally we use soft dishcloths to put under pans, but the beautiful Crochet Pan Protector is much easier than washing Dishcloths are more fun and put people in a better mood. Today we will learn how to make Crochet Pan Protector, hope you like it too. The Crochet Protector designed by Lisa Hounshell is made of flower elements. It is really beautiful and practical to give it to cooking lovers or use it at home. The Pan Protector designed by Thecrafterlife is made with fried egg as an element. This pattern is very suitable for the occasion, very appetizing, and very interesting. You can make different sizes of Crochet  Protector to meet the needs of different size pans. Thanks to Lisa Hounshell and Thecrafterlife for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are very detailed and specific, you can follow the tutorial to make a satisfactory crochet  protector. To get these patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crochet!

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