Crocheted Cat Poncho Free Pattern

Crocheted Cat Poncho Free Pattern

Cats are one of the cutest animals in the world, and I love cats very much. They’re cute! It would be fun to wear cats as elements. Today we are going to share the Crocheted Cat Poncho designed by Yarnutopia, which is made with kittens as elements. It is a gray Poncho, while keeping warm, it incorporates cat elements, making it very, very interesting and cute. The whole Poncho is made of gray yarn. On its front, there are two pockets. Yarnutopia designed it as a cat’s paw pad. This design is very interesting. Whenever we put our hands into the pockets, it seems Our hands become cat’s paws. On the back of Poncho, there is a hood. Yarnutopia made the element of the cat’s face into a hat. Whenever we wear the hood, we will also be transformed into cute cats. The most interesting thing is that under the back, Yarnutopia also thoughtfully made the cat’s tail on it. A cat without a tail is an incomplete cat. On the whole, this Cat Poncho is very cute, very vivid and very interesting. If you like cats, you will also like this Cat Poncho. A big thank you to Yarnutopia for sharing the free crochet patterns! Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE pattern , please scroll down the page and click the link below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Link  to this FREE Crocheted Cat Poncho pattern is here:

Kitty Cat Poncho Free Crochet Pattern



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