Y Flower Baskets from Recycled Paper Cups

DIY Flower Baskets from Recycled Paper Cups

Don’t throw away the leftover yarn and paper cups, we can recycle these items to make flower baskets. These beautiful flower baskets can decorate our room and can also be used to grow flowers and plants. Let’s get started now!

1. First, we take a paper cup and cut it with scissors on the paper cup. 
2. Cut the paper cup into long strips.
3. Cut the whole paper cup into a circle. 

4. Wrap the bottom of the cup with double-sided tape. 
5. Using your favorite colored yarn, wrap it around the double-sided tape on the bottom of the cup. 

6. Keep winding, pay attention when winding into strips, and each strip should cross each other. 
7. When reaching the mouth of the cup, we use scissors to cut off the excess part of the mouth of the cup. 
8. Then we wrap it around the mouth of the cup with our favorite lace. 
9. We wrap the yarn with a deformable hook. 
10. Pinch the crochet hook into a handle. 
11. Make two handles in the symmetrical position of the cup, and add a little decoration to the handles. 
12. Finally, you can add some other details on the cup, such as green leaves, etc., so that our paper cup flower basket is ready. Enjoy!

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