Dress Up Snowman FREE Crochet Patterns

Snowmen are everyone’s favourite, and the Dress Up Snowman is so cute, they make great decorations. Snowman in his Santa costume is especially good for raising the festive spirit. Today we’re sharing four free crochet Dress Up Snowman patterns, each one you’ll love. First of all, the Snowman designed by Curiouspapaya wears a Santa hat. It is a cute snowman elf with a smiling expression, which is really cute. This is a very easy-to-use tutorial, even beginners can quickly make it by themselves according to the tutorial. The second, Dress Up Snowman by Supergurumi, wears a teal and red yarn hat topped with a red pompom. There is also a red scarf around the snowman’s neck. Its movements are very funny, as if it wants a big hug. This crochet snowman is crocheted with single crochet stitches, chain stitches and slip stitches in spiral rounds and rounds and is easy to crochet. The third is the young snowman designed by Amigurumi, which uses green as the main color to make the snowman’s hat and shoes, and red is also the traditional Christmas color as its scarf and gloves. It has a very Christmas atmosphere, and at the same time, it looks very cute. This adorable Dress Up Snowman is sure to bring you a Merry Christmas and keep you entertained throughout the winter. The fourth is Snowman by Laura Tegg, with round eyes and a touch of pink blush. It’s very fashionable and cute, it has styles for boys and girls, and the girls also wear beautiful little skirts. The low-saturation red and blue are its main tones, which are very harmonious. The colorful pompom is the top of the hat, which is very eye-catching. Overall it looks very cute. In addition to these outfitted little snowmen, there are many more Snowmen in a variety of good-looking costumes. Who can resist such an adorable Dress Up Snowman? Big thanks to Curiouspapaya, Supergurumi, Amigurumi and Laura Tegg for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are really adorable. Let’s follow the tutorial and learn together. To get these FREE patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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