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Tutorial for Drawing Cartoon Oranges with AI

Who doesn’t love oranges? They are both beautiful and delicious, today we will use AI to draw cartoon oranges.
1. First, we use the ellipse tool to draw a perfect circle and fill in the color you like. 
2. After duplicating a perfect circle, make it smaller inward and hold down the SHIFT+ALT keys. 

3. Use the same method again and draw a white circle inside.

4. Select the circle in the middle, and then use the eraser tool to erase the edge of the orange. 
5. Select the outermost circle and divide it in two with the Knife Tool, remember to hold down the SHIFT+ALT keys. 
6. Fill half of it with other colors you like. 
7. Adjust the distance between each circle again. That’s it.

Common sense of life:

Do you know? Oranges are rich in vitamin C and P, which can increase the body’s resistance, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol. People with hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis often eat oranges. The cellulose and pectin substances contained in oranges can promote intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to clearing the bowels and expelling harmful substances in the body. Orange peel is sweet, bitter and warm in taste, and its effect on relieving cough and phlegm is better than that of tangerine peel. Oranges have almost become synonymous with vitamin C.
In fact, it is rich in vitamin C, which can enhance the body’s resistance and expel fat-soluble harmful substances from the body. It is a healthy antioxidant in line with its name. Orange peel is also called yellow peel. In addition to the ingredients in the pulp, it contains more carotene, which can be used as a stomachic agent and an aromatic flavoring agent. Orange peel also contains a certain amount of orange peel oil, which is effective against chronic bronchitis.
For women, eating more oranges has an unexpected benefit, which is to reduce the incidence of gallstones. According to a survey in the United States, 2/3 of the 19 million patients with cholecystitis in the United States are women. Women are prone to gallstones because estrogen causes cholesterol to accumulate in bile, which leads to high cholesterol concentration and stone formation. Oranges can play a significant role in reducing the occurrence of gallstones.

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