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How to Draw Cartoon Pencils by AI

Pencils, as our earliest writing tools, can be erased at any time and are easy to carry. When I first went to school, I always put several spares in the pencil case, in case the exam questions could not be solved, I broke the pencils when I was angry.
Today, what we are going to share is how to draw cartoon pencils by AI. It’s so easy that even beginners can master it easily.
1. First, we use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle and fill it with the color we like. 
2. Using the Polygon Tool, draw a triangle to match the previous rectangle. 
3. Using the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle and place it under the pen holder. 
4. Then use the rectangle tool to draw the eraser of the pencil. 
5. Select the rectangle tool of the eraser, use the direct selection tool (shortcut key A), select two anchor points, and pull to make them rounded. 
6. Using the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle in the middle of the pen as the pencil lines. 
7. Copy the triangle of the pen tip in place and fill it with different colors. 
8. Select the tip of the pen and use the eraser tool to erase an arc. 
9. Delete unnecessary parts. 
10. Select the part except the tip of the pen. 
11. Add a stroke of a certain color and thickness.  That’s it! Have fun!

Do you know the origin of the pencil’s name? Pencils originated in ancient Rome more than 2,000 years ago. At that time, the shape of pencils was very simple: a lead rod was sandwiched in a metal sleeve, which was named pencil as the name suggests. With the advancement of science and technology, the pencil also began its evolutionary history. In 1564, someone in Barrodale discovered graphite, a black mineral, and graphite can leave traces on paper, which is darker than the traces of lead. People call graphite “black lead”, but it is easy to be hacked. In 1662, the first pencil factory in the world was built in Nuremberg, Germany, the Shidelou Pencil Factory. In 1761, German Farber mixed graphite powder with rosin, sulfur, etc. to make strips, with high toughness and suitable hardness, easy to write and not easy to get dirty hands, which made pencil manufacturing technology take a big step forward. At the end of the 18th century, the pencil industry was initially monopolized by Britain and Germany. Later, France also found graphite mines in its own country. However, due to the small output, the graphite was mixed with clay for firing, and economical pencils were made. core. So that’s why you don’t get lead poisoning when you get stabbed with your own pencil, because pencils don’t contain lead, they’re just graphite and clay. But it’s too bad if you stab someone with a pencil.
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