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6 Cutest Crafter Organizer FREE Crochet Patterns

For craft enthusiasts, storing production tools is a very important thing, especially those relatively small tools. That’s why we’re sharing these 6 Cutest Crafter Organizer FREE Crochet Patterns today. These beautiful organizers are not only great helpers for craftsmen, but also very pleasing decorations. They allow us to easily find and store crochet needles, scissors, etc. when we are doing handwork, and when we see these cute storage items, our mood becomes happier. Thanks to all the designers for sharing these free patterns! They are really creative, including granny organizer, animal organizer…To get these 6 Cutest Crafter Organizer FREE Crochet Patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Happy Crocheting!

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1. Weebee Sally Doll by Laura Tegg. Its name is Sally. Sally’s design resembles a retro-style sitting rag doll. She has elegant and slender limbs, exquisite facial features, and beautiful clothing patterns. Both kids and adults will love this special doll. Sally Vintage Style Rag Doll into a unique caddy for all of your crafting bits and bobs! She would also make a beautiful door stop or jewelry caddy!

#1: Weebee Sally Doll FREE PATTERN

2. The Amigurumi Super Grandma Free Crochet Pattern designed by Amıgurum, the cloth of this grandma is wearing a wide apron, and many small things can be placed in the apron, which plays an inductive role. Grandma has a beautiful braid. Overall, it is a good choice whether it is used as an decoration or as a summary of small things.

#2: Amigurumi Super Grandma FREE PATTERN

3. Crafter Granny, designed by Zhaya Designs, is also a lovely image of a grandma, wearing a pink apron, which can contain many sundries. Many needle-like handicrafts can be inserted on the head of the old lady, which makes the whole doll look very interesting.

#3: Crafter Granny FREE PATTERN

4. My Little Froggy Helper by Alison Livesey, green is its main color. A cute frog squats on the blade and looks forward. It can hold crochet hooks and other small craft tools, and it’s great as a decoration or as a gift.

#4: Little Froggy Helper FREE PATTERN

5. BERNAT KOALA CROCHET BASKET designed by Yarnspirations. The koala holding the basket is very cute. You can put your yarn in the basket or store other sundries. It is both beautiful and practical.


6. Cupcake Pillow Holder designed by Knotbadami, it looks like a real cupcake, made of pink and white colors, very sweet. In addition to being a decoration, you can also use it to store small items, because this function has been added to its design.

#6: Cupcake Pillow Holder FREE PATTERN 

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