Valentine Heart Teddy Bear FREE Patterns

Valentine Heart Teddy Bear FREE Patterns

Who doesn’t love a cute Teddy Bear? Often used to comfort distressed children, they were invented by Maurice Mitch Tom and named after U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Combining Teddy Bear with love, doesn’t it make people feel extremely sweet in an instant? Yes, what we are going to share today is the Cutest Valentine Heart Teddy Bear FREE Patterns, three of which are crochet, and one is knitting, to meet everyone’s different needs. It will be a perfect gift to give these cute heart bears to family and friends.

The first one is the crochet Heart Teddy Bear designed by Elisascrochet, which is a white bear with a red heart on its stomach, ears and paws are imprinted with red yarn, it is very cute. The second is the crochet Teddy Bears designed by Amigurumi. This is a pair of cute bears, a male and a female. The mother bear wears a pink bow on her ear. The male bear has a pink heart on its body. This pair of bears is very sweet. The third is the crochet Teddy Bear designed by Amigurumitogo. It is a very cute little bear. White yarn is used as the main part of the bear, and red or purple yarn is used to make the bear’s ears. Its characteristic is that the soles of the bear’s feet are made of hearts, and there is also a heart on the bear’s chest, which is very interesting. The last one is the knitted Teddy Bear by Knittingday, which is a very cute little bear with red yarn making up its head and body. White yarns make up its limbs. Black eyes, red nose, and a love hairpin on his head. The little bear holds a heart in his arms, very cute. Thanks to all the designers for sharing these free quality patterns! They are really cute. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Happy Crocheting / Knitting!

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Links to these Valentine Heart Teddy Bear FREE Patterns are below:

#1: Crochet Heart Teddy Bear FREE Pattern 

#2: Crochet Heart Teddy Bear FREE Pattern

#3: Crochet Heart Teddy Bear FREE Pattern

#4: Knitted Heart Teddy Bear FREE Pattern

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