10 Amazing Easter FREE Crochet Patterns

10 Amazing Easter FREE Crochet Patterns

Easter is coming soon, and the children are looking forward to it. If you haven’t prepared Easter gifts yet, you might as well refer to these 10 Amazing Easter FREE Crochet Patterns. They include bunny, egg and chick, etc., which are all important parts of Easteri, and they all symbolize reproduction and life. Easter eggs mean the beginning and continuation of life, and are the most important food symbols in Easter. The Easter bunny is one of the symbols of Easter. As a fertile animal, the rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life…Thanks to all the designers for sharing these free patterns! They are really cute. To get these wonderful Easter FREE Crochet Patterns  , please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Happy Crocheting!

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1. The Easter Bunny Mug Cozy designed by Haakmaarraak is made of pink yarn as a whole. On this basis, the characteristics of the Easter Bunny are added, including bunny ears and a fluffy tail. This is a very cute mark Cup sleeve, it not only keeps your hands warm, but also very cute and fun.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#1: Easter Bunny Mug Cozy FREE PATTERN

2. Mermaid Easter Basket designed by Craftykittycrochet. This is an Easter basket with a cute mermaid theme. The scales and tiny fin make this handmade basket amazingly aquatic, and any mermaid lover is sure to cherish it! The finished result looks adorable, and the design is surprisingly simple-plus.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#2: Mermaid Easter Basket  FREE PATTERN

3. Lazy Bunny Crochet Amigurumi designed by Littlebearcrochets, this is a group of lying, lazy rabbits, you can make one or a group. You can make them in any color you like. They are so cute and fun to tummy. You can use them as decorations to decorate your room.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#3: Lazy Bunny Crochet Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

4. Crochet Bunny and Carrot designed by Petalstopicots, this is a cute rabbit with long ears covering the whole body, like a rabbit in the magic world. In addition, there is a carrot, which instantly gives the whole design a sense of story. You can gift it to your little ones, it’s a perfect gift.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#4: Crochet Bunny and Carrot FREE PATTERN

5. The Crochet Easter Basket designed by Crochet365knittoo uses green yarn to make the main part and pink yarn to make the flowers at the basket handle. It can stand on its own or as part of your Easter project.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#5: Crochet Easter Basket FREE PATTERN

6. The Crochet Easter Egg Bunny designed by Crochet365knittoo, the overall shape adopts the form of eggs and rabbits, and the shape of eggs is added with the shape of rabbit ears. It is a perfect combination and very interesting. It can be combined with the fifth tutorial above. Add this Easter bunny to the basket for a perfect combination.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

6:Easter Egg Bunny FREE PATTERN

7. A Bunny to Love designed by Crochet365knittoo, this bunny wears a beautiful skirt, and its making process is also very interesting, you can make the bunny skirt first, and then make the rabbit. The shape of the skirt is also very unique, and it is very cute to match.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#7:A Bunny to Love FREE PATTERN

8. Creme Egg Bunny Basket Crochet Pattern designed by Stitchbyfay. The small basket of this project is very easy and fast to make. If you put a creme egg in the basket, then it is a very cute and sweet gift, you can give it to friends or family members. The baskets are made in one piece so there’s no sewing and only 2 ends to weave in.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#8: Creme Egg Bunny Basket FREE PATTERN

9. The Crochet Easter Bunny Garland designed by Knottednest is composed of a string of bunnies. You can customize the color of each bunny connected in series according to your favorite color. The production of the rabbit is also very simple and fast, even beginners can make it completely. This Garland is a great decoration for Easter days.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#9: Easter Bunny Garland  FREE PATTERN

10. The Mini Chick Wall Hanging chick designed by Stitchbyfay is made of yellow yarn, with black eyes and yellow mouth. It is very realistic and cute. For other parts of the wall hanging, you can choose your favorite color to customize. The bottom of the chick is also made of tassels, which is also very beautiful.Link to this FREE Patterns is below picture:

#10: Mini Chick Wall Hanging FREE PATTERN

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