6 Pineapple Project Free Crochet Patterns

6 Pineapple Project Free Crochet Patterns

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. It is not only rich in nutrients, but also very beautiful and cute. If you use it as an element to make some trinkets in life, I think it should be a very good idea. Today we are going to share 6 Pineapple Project made with pineapple as an element. The first one is the anthropomorphic pineapple designed by Yarn Blossom Boutique. It adds eyes and mouth to the pineapple, and a very cute pineapple elf is born. The second is the pineapple cozy designed by Jenniferq. On the basis of the same anthropomorphism, it is not only cute, but also ensures that you will not be burned by the boiling temperature when drinking coffee. The third is the pineapple purse designed by Allaboutami. It has round eyes and a smiling expression. It is not only a purse, but also a very interesting and cute pineapple elf. The fourth is a simulation-style pineapple designed by Stellasyarnuniverse, you can put it in your small fruit basket. The fifth is the pineapple basket designed by Mooglyblog. You can put small items into this small basket. It is not only very beautiful, but also has the function of storage. The last one is a pineapple keychain designed by Spinayarncrochet, a small pineapple with a smiling face. Seeing it will make you feel good and very interesting. Thanks to all the designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, really cute. Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Links to these 6 Pineapple Project FREE Crocheted patterns are here:

1: Pineapple Fruit FREE PATTERN

2: Pineapple Cozy FREE PATTERN

3: Pineapple Purse FREE PATTERN

4: Little Pineapple FREE PATTERN

5: Pineapple Basket FREE PATTERN

6: Pineapple Keychain FREE PATTERN

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