Owl C2C Hat Scarf Set Free Crochet Patterns

Owl C2C Hat Scarf Set Free Crochet Patterns

Owls have always been loved by everyone, the owl is called the bird of luck, and representing good luck and happiness. Today we are going to share the Owl C2C Hat Scarf Set designed by Nanascraftyhome. It is a set consisting of a scarf and a hat. The main element of the whole suit is the owl, and the main expression is to use small squares to form an owl pattern. The owl is mainly made of light blue yarn, and there are tassels made of yarns of various colors on the top, which is very beautiful, and the overall color matching is very harmonious. This set of Owl  Hat Scarf Set can not only warm your head and neck in winter, but also make you more cute and interesting. The production of the whole set is also very easy, the tutorial is written in great detail, and it is made step by step according to the tutorial, even beginners can quickly complete its production. In this cold winter, who would not want to have such a cute Hat Scarf Set? It’s also a perfect gift for family and friends. Thanks to Nanascraftyhome for sharing the free crochet patterns, really cute. Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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