DIY Heart Ferris Wheel Video Tutorial

DIY Heart Ferris Wheel Video Tutorial

Looking to add a touch of whimsy and romance to your décor? Why not try your hand at crafting a charming DIY Heart Ferris Wheel! This delightful project combines the elegance of origami with the fun of construction, resulting in a whimsical centerpiece that’s sure to steal hearts. Follow along with our step-by-step video tutorial to bring this enchanting creation to life.

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1. To begin, gather your materials: 15x15cm origami paper for folding eight 3D hearts. Follow the detailed instructions in the video to create these intricate heart shapes, each a symbol of love and affection.

2. Next, take another piece of 15x15cm white paper and fold it into eight slender sticks. Secure the folds with tape or glue, forming the framework for your Ferris wheel.

3. Carefully insert each heart onto a stick, securing them in place with glue or tape. Watch as your Ferris wheel begins to take shape, the hearts spinning gently in the breeze.

4. Now, fashion a base for your Ferris wheel by cutting a piece of cardboard and wrapping it with origami paper. Use four of the sticks as supports, attaching them securely to the base.

5. Create a central axis for your Ferris wheel by rolling a piece of paper into a sturdy tube and inserting it into the designated hole. Secure it in place with glue, ensuring it remains upright.

6. Using the remaining stick, thread it through the holes in the supports, anchoring the Ferris wheel securely in place.

7. Finally, let your creativity soar as you embellish your DIY Heart Ferris Wheel with additional decorations. Add glitter, sequins, or ribbons to personalize your creation and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

With your DIY Heart Ferris Wheel complete, display it proudly as a whimsical centerpiece at weddings, parties, or romantic evenings at home. Let its gentle spin and heartfelt design serve as a reminder of the joy and love that surrounds us.

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