Knitted Cowl FREE Knitting Patterns

Keeping warm in the cold winter is very important. Of course, we can’t ignore beauty while keeping warm. So, who would resist these elegant and warm cowls? Today we’re sharing four free, excellent Knitted Cowl tutorials to keep you warm in winter and stand out from the crowd. First up, Claire Borchardt designed a very textured Cowl with a honeycomb structure throughout and simple, versatile threaded cuffs at the ends. The overall look is very refreshing and comfortable. The second one, designed by Yarnspirations, is a cowl with patterns running through it. The pattern is very beautiful. Wearing it on the body can enhance people’s temperament, and it is very easy to match with clothes. The third one, Espace Tricot designed is a very lightweight Cowl that you can make from top to bottom, transitioning from easy 2×2 rib to garter stitch in the round with regular decreases. It can be pulled down over one or both shoulders and the neck will remain snug and close without gaping. Knit with three skeins of Woolfolk LUFT, a luscious and ultra-soft blend of merino and cotton. The fourth, Yarnspirations design and production is a very fashionable Knitted Cowl, in this winter While keeping you warm, it makes you more fashionable, and at the same time, it also has a self-cultivating effect, making your figure look more perfect. It will also be the best gift for all ladies. Thanks to Claire Borchardt, Yarnspirations, Espace Tricot for sharing the free knitting patterns. To get these patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy Knitting!

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