Knitted Slouchy Beanie FREE Patterns

In addition to wearing thick clothes to keep warm in winter, of course, you can’t do without a beautiful hat. A suitable hat is also an important part of clothing. In addition to keeping warm, hats can also be matched with a sense of fashion. The tutorial we’re sharing today is Knitted Slouchy Beanie, an excellent and free tutorial that’s always addicting. First up, the Slouchy Beanie by Craftox, a sleek, star-patterned hat using blue and white yarn. Not only for girls, but also for boys. The tutorial is very detailed, making this Beanie requires a certain amount of patience, It is very important to draw loose threads correctly on the back side. If you pull them too tightly, the hat will be stiff and the pattern will be distorted. If you place them too loosely, stitches will get stretched and become uneven. Second, Sowoolly designed a casual and fashionable Knitted Slouchy Beanie, which is suitable for beginners to learn. Its pattern is very easy to use and is specially designed for beginners. Making a beautiful Knitted Slouchy Beanie by hand for yourself, family and friends is a way to make yourself and each other happy. Sincere thanks to Craftox and Sowoolly for sharing the free knit pattern, so sweet and cute. Links to these free knit patterns are below the pictures, happy knitting!

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Links to these Knitted Slouchy Beanie FREE knitting patterns are here:



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