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Knitting Cowl FREE Patterns

A beautiful Knitting Cowl that not only keeps you warm, but is also stylish and very comfortable. Today we are going to recommend two very individual designs to you. The first tutorial from Makeanddocrew, very generous, warm and stylish. It’s a cowl. It’s a hood. It’s crazy cozy wrapped around your neck. The “Huggle” hood knit pattern is very easy to make and for advanced beginners who want to practice using a double point needle for full work A great project. The second tutorial from Wiamscrafts is also a very personal design – Dragon Fire Cowl. This is a beautiful pattern, full of mystery. In the tutorial, there are several different styles to provide Learning, this is a project not to be missed. Sincere thanks to Makeanddocrew and Wiamscrafts for the free knitting pattern, you can follow the tutorial and patiently make your own cowl, you can change the colors you like, use them as accessories, or give them to your loved ones Friends, these are all good choices! Two free knitting patterns are below the picture, let’s get started. Happy knitting!

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The hooded cowl FREE Knitting pattern is link below:


The dragon fire cowl FREE Knitting pattern is link here:


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