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DIY Cute Owl Out of Recycled Paper Bag

The ancient Greeks revered the owl as a symbol of Athena and wisdom. In Japan, the owl is called the bird of luck, and has also become the mascot of the Nagano Winter Olympics, representing good luck and happiness. Today we are going to learn how to DIY Cute Owl out of recycled paper bags. This DIY project is also great for kids, I think they will have a great time!

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For make this DIY cute owl , what you will need:

2 recycled paper bags, colored papers, scissors, pens, glue

The step-by-step tutorial is as follows:

1. First we prepare a recycled paper bag, you can choose the most common paper bag. And cut off the handle of the paper bag. 

2. We prepare a piece of yellow paper, use scissors to cut out a shape similar to an eye patch, and use white paper to cut out a shape similar to a gear. 

3. Continue to use blue paper and pink paper to cut into circles. 

4. On the pink circle, draw the shape of a closed eye. 

5. Use all kinds of colored paper, cut it into a circle, fold it in half and put it under the paper bag as the owl’s feathers. And fold out a triangle for the owl’s beak. Take another paper bag and use scissors to cut out the owl’s ears. 

6. Use scissors to cut out the shape of the owl’s wings, and draw the pattern of feathers on it. Here you can play your personality freely. 

7. Put all parts in the proper position. 

8. Make the owl’s feet at the bottom. Such a recycled paper bag owl is complete. Do you like it?

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How to DIY Cute Caterpillar with Orange Peel

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed listening to caterpillar stories. The most profound memory is that there was a green caterpillar crawling and crawling. He was hungry and wanted to find something to eat. On the first day, he saw a red apple and ate it with a big gulp. The next day, he found two yellow bananas and ate them with a big mouthful. Day three….Day four……

So, today we will use the orange peel to make a cute caterpillar. This project is very good for kids. They will have fun. So Please don’t throw away the orange peel after eating the orange. Lets’s start.

First, we peeled the orange peel, then scooped it out into a circle with a plastic cover, and repeated this step, so we got a lot of small circles,as shown in the picture above.

Then we take a plate, put a leaf on it first, then put the round orange peel next to the leaf, and arrange them in the shape of a caterpillar according to the opposite direction. Then we use a black pen to draw the tentacles, then draw the mouth and feet, and put two black and white jelly beans as eyes.

A cute and beautiful caterpillar is ready, do you like it?


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