Hot Dog Amigurumi FREE Crochet Patterns

Hot Dog Amigurumi FREE Crochet Patterns

Hot dogs are a summer favorite and a cute toy! These two Hot Dog Amigurumi crochet patterns are quick, easy, and fun! What a cute toy this will make for the kids in your life – or use it as a fun kitchen decoration! The Hot Dog Amigurumi by StringyDingDing is a real puppy sandwiched between buns and it’s a lot of fun. When the puppy smiles, red is its main color, of course, you can also customize the color of your own personality. Like, yellow? Hot Dog by Craftykittycrochet is an anthropomorphic design with a sausage in the middle, round eyes, and a little blush, very cute. Since this pattern uses very little yarn and only a few basic stitches, it’s perfect for experienced crocheters and beginners alike! Big thanks to StringyDingDing and Craftykittycrochet for sharing the free crochet pattern, so cute. Links to these free crochet patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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