Crochet Dog Amigurumi Free Patterns

Crochet Dog Amigurumi Free Patterns

Who doesn’t love cute and smart dogs? Dogs are man’s most loyal friends, and in our lives, we can almost see their happy shadows with their owners. Dogs are also very intelligent animals, they can not only understand human words, but also understand human meanings, so many people like to keep dogs, because dogs can bring us a lot of joy. For those who can’t own a real dog, making a cute Crochet Dog Amigurumi yourself is also a good option. Here are two great tutorials for everyone. Surprise! The first, the Cube Puppy Dog pattern by Crafty Bunny Bun is really cute. The cute dogs are of different colors, some stick out their tongues, and some quietly look at you. The round eyes and the lying face are really cute. Whether it is used as a toy or as a home decoration, it is very suitable. The difficulty of the tutorial is not high, but it is very detailed. You can follow the steps of the tutorial to make a cute Dog Amigurumi step by step. The second, Crochet Dog Amigurumi designed by The Bunny Studio is very anthropomorphic. The dog is standing upright and wearing this beautiful little dress. I really want to hold such a dog in my arms all day. The tutorial is also very simple and careful, and you can quickly learn how to make it. Big thanks to Crafty Bunny Bun and The Bunny Studio for sharing the FREE cochet Patterns, so cute. Links to these free crochet patterns are below the pictures, Happy crocheting!

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The 1st  Dog Amigurumi Free Pattern is link here:


The 2nd Dog Amigurumi Free Pattern is link here:


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