Amigurumi Turtle FREE Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi Turtle FREE Crochet Patterns

Turtles are loved by adults and children alike. It means reunion and happiness, and means good luck and wealth, hoping to achieve longevity and happiness through hard work. Giving tortoises as gifts to others also means wishing them good health and a lifetime of luck. Of course, turtles also have cuteness. Today we recommend two crochet Amigurumi Turtle tutorials. First, the Amigurumi Birthday Turtle by Craftykittycrochet, which is probably the cutest turtle I’ve ever seen, The “shell” is made to look like the sweetest little cupcake with sprinkles – complete with a cherry on top! It’s really cute . It can be made and given to a friend or family member on their birthday, I believe, this must be the best gift. The second one, Turtle flowers by Lim lenn is also very cute. There are many beautiful flowers on its back shell, just like a tortoise that loves to dress up, who doesn’t love it? Put it on your desk, in front of the windowsill, it must be a perfect decoration. Many thanks to Craftykittycrochet and Lim lenn for sharing the FREE crochet Patterns, so cute. Links to these free crochet patterns are below the pictures Enjoy!

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