Leafy Baby Blanket FREE Knitting Pattern

Leafy Baby Blanket FREE Knitting Pattern

A baby blanket should not only keep the little one warm, but also keep the little one comfortable! Because your baby spends a lot of time sleeping during the newborn phase, it is important to choose a good quality blanket that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Today we are going to recommend a green leafy baby blanket, it is very soft and comfortable! It is a crochet square blanket of about 70 cm, of course, you can easily change the size of the blanket according to the tutorial. This Leafy Baby Blanket has an understated color, an attractive pattern, and it has a beautiful back! You can use any yarn to weave this blanket, the material determines how your blanket is washed, if you use acrylic yarn it should be fine to machine wash. If not, hand washing may be better… Thanks to Silkandwool for sharing the complete knitting pattern for people, the crochet method is not complicated, and the tutorial is very delicate, you can follow the tutorial step by step to make a finished baby blanket. The blanket not only warms the child, but also contains great maternal love, the special care and love of the mother. Let’s get started and handcraft this special gift for your baby! The link to the free crochet pattern is below the picture ~ Enjoy!

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The leafy baby blanket free knitting pattern is link here:

Baby Leafy Blanket FREE Knitting Pattern

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