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DIY Christmas Star Tree Tutorial

I really love the stars, the stars represent the hope of life. I also love Christmas trees. Christmas trees have the meaning of happy reunion, evergreen friendship, and gratitude. The tutorial we introduce today combines the stars and the Christmas tree, which is DIY Christmas Star Tree! This is such a fun craft that kids love it too! Perfect!

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For make this DIY Christmas Star Tree , what you will need:

1. Long strips of colored paper   2. A piece of hard paper   3. Double-sided tape

Step by step tutorial :

1. First, we use a long strip of colored paper to fold a pentagon. 

2. Extrude the pentagon to the thickness. form a star. 

3. Roll it into a cone with cardboard.   

4. Cover and paste the double-sided tape along the bottom of the cone.   

5. Paste the previously made stars on the cone one by one.  6. Now our star Christmas tree is ready.

The following link is a detailed video tutorial, I hope you like it.

DIY Christmas Star Tree Video Tutorial

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