Cat Hat Free Knitting Patterns

Cat Hat Free Knitting Patterns

Cats are very cute little animals, I have a kitten at home. It has a fluffy little head and a pair of round ears. It is very cute and fun to turn around like two little radars. It looks like a little baby, with a small nose and big round eyes. It is very cute. It can also be used as a plush toy in your hand. Anyway, this little cat is too cute and fun to put it down. Winter is coming again, so lucky for those who like cats, today we recommend three Cat Hat knitting tutorials. First of all, Andresueknits designed the Cat Hat, which is very simple to make, yet very good-looking and stylish. It is not a single solid color, the pattern is composed of color blocks of various sizes and colors, like the “faulty wind” that is very popular recently. Of course, it is also very, very easy and fast to make. As long as you follow the tutorial patiently, I believe you will be able to master the method of making this Cat Hat in a very short time. The Cat Hat designed by The Cozy Crow looks very fashionable and young. It’s a two-tone pattern with a cat shape on it. The hat is flat worked and uses the intarsia method for the colorwork. You can however work this in the round if you so choose. The third one is from Dubbele Dutch Crafts, this Cat Hat has a very fresh and clean design. Its biggest feature is the addition of two cat ears. The cat’s image is perfectly displayed. Have you seen “Catwoman”? I really like it. Many thanks to Andresueknits, The Cozy Crow and JDubbele Dutch Crafts for sharing the FREE knitting Patterns, so beautiful. Links to these free knit patterns are below the pictures, Enjoy!

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