Knitted Fish Hat FREE Patterns

Hats are always the most popular in winter, so how to get the right one becomes something I have to think about every year. Until I saw these Knitted Fish Hat designs. I like the ocean and I like fish. So I fell in love with these Fish Hats at first sight. Hope you enjoy these Fish Hats as much as I do. Today we have selected two wonderful free tutorials, I hope you like them. First, the Fish Hat by J.G. Miller, which is available in child and adult sizes so you can make it for family and friends of different ages. In terms of color, you are free to choose your favorite color. The important thing is its pattern, a cute tropical fish with cute eyes, destined to be a cute fish. You can follow the tutorial to quickly learn and make it. Second, the Fish Hat designed by Knitty is also very cute, it even adopts the most commonly used eye style in Japanese cartoons to highlight the cuteness of the fish. I believe that little babies will like this style of Fish Hat very much. Free excellent tutorials, not to be missed. Big thanks to J.G. Miller and YKnitty for sharing the free knitting patterns, really sweet and cute. Links to these free knitting patterns are below the pictures, happy knitting !

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Links to these Knitted Fish Hat FREE patterns are here:

FREE PATTERN 1 (child size)

FREE PATTERN 1.2 (adult size)


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