Crochet Christmas Pillow FREE Patterns

Christmas is a festival full of joy, we can’t be without Christmas decorations at home,such as crochet Christmas Pillow. Why not try incorporating Christmas elements into throw pillows? Today we are going to recommend two Christmas Pillow crochet projects. Maria’s knitting tutorial is to incorporate Santa’s head into the throw pillow, it’s a very cute throw pillow, I really like it. The pattern uses 5 colors, red, white, black, pink and gray. Using these five different colors of yarn, and following Maria’s free crochet pattern, you can easily make a cute Santa Claus pillow. It’s very simple. It is also a good practice tutorial to learn C2C crochet. Crazycoolcrochet’s crochet stitches incorporate snowflake patterns. It’s cool, this type of weave, goes with almost any piece of furniture. The whole tutorial is very detailed, you can follow the tutorial step by step to make your own snowflake pillow. In addition, you can also derive the weaving of other items from this method, not limited to throw pillows. Many thanks to Maria and Crazycoolcrochet for the free crochet patterns, they all look so delicate! The Christmas Pillow patterns are below the picture, Happy Crocheting!

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Crochet Santa Cushion FREE Pattern is link here:

Crochet Santa Cushion FREE Pattern

Cool  Christmas Pillow FREE Pattern is link here:

  Christmas Pillow FREE Crochet Pattern

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