Crochet Dreamcatcher Free Patterns

Crochet Dreamcatcher Free Patterns

Dream catchers represent good wishes, primitive warmth and mystery. It originated in the 18th century. The Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams and make nightmares disappear with the morning sun. They believed that the air at night was full of various dreams, and only dream catchers could filter dreams and make them Into a beautiful dreamland. So, here comes the Crochet Dreamcatcher tutorial, I hope you like it. The design of Poppyandbliss is free flying feathers, decorated with colorful feathers with different colors of yarn, you can choose your own favorite color to make it. Make a dreamcatcher inspired wall hanging – add beads, charms, pom poms, lace and ribbon if you like. You can hang the finished product from a basket or bag, or use them as a good-looking bookmark. Sweetsofties’ tutorial has a mysterious mandala style. It has a nice fringe and you can also string the beads together. Such accessories and items can be very popular at craft fairs, make great gifts, or give yourself, it often adds a touch of chic boho, gypsy, hippie, free spirit, vintage or Festive atmosphere. It is suitable for any room and living space such as bedroom, baby room, office, kitchen or even bathroom! It can also be used as a nice purse pendant, necklace or other jewelry decoration. Many thanks to Poppyandbliss and Sweetsofties for the free crochet pattern, so beautiful! The Crochet Dreamcatcher free crochet pattern is below the picture, let’s get started now! Happy crocheting!

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