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On Halloween, children always like to carry jack-o-lanterns, wear all kinds of outlandish costumes, go door to door asking for candy, “trick or treat”… If they don’t get the candy they want, they It will be very disappointing, after all, it is only once a year that you can honestly ask someone for candy. My children also like to eat candy, but candy affects the health of the teeth. The dentist recommends eating less or not eating it, so for children, Halloween is very precious when they can eat candy.
This year, I want to prepare some candy that looks different for the kids, do you know what it is? That’s right, that’s what Ghost Lollipop we’re sharing today. First of all a big thanks to Ilaria Caliri, Irene Strange and 1dogwoof for their crochet tutorials, which gave us the opportunity to make some fun and cute Ghost Lollipop decorations. Ilaria Caliri, Irene Strange’s project, are two lovely ghosts. One has two erect ears, and the other keeps waving its little hands. They are very easy to learn and the cover is made in one piece from the top to the frilled skirt. The arms (or ears) are sewn separately. 1dogwoof’s ghost is more fairytale and it totally hit my heart. Simple and gorgeous, you can even make a Marilyn Monroe dress, which is such a fun thing. It is a bit like the sunny doll in Japanese legend, praying for a good life for you in a year.
These two Ghost Lollipop crochet tutorials are also very detailed, and beginners like me can easily master them. Thanks again to Ilaria Caliri, Irene Strange and 1dogwoof for sharing! You can find the link to the free crochet pattern below the picture ~   Happy Crochet!
I believe that when you make a satisfactory Spooky Lollipop, you will not only get a beautiful piece of art, but also a smile from your children, including your own.
The Ghost Lollipop FREE Crochet Pattern links are  here:

Spooky Lollipop FREE PATTERN

Lollipop Ghost FREE Pattern

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