Granny Square Bag FREE Crochet Patterns

Granny Square Bag FREE Crochet Patterns

Bags are very important accessories for women. When we go out, in addition to the matching of clothes, a beautiful bag also plays a very important role in improving the overall temperament. Today we have featured three crochet tutorials to learn how to make a beautiful crochet Granny Square Bag. Their common features are all connected by granny squares. First of all, Hearthookhome designed a stylish fat bottom bag, which is very distinctive. It is assembled into a large rectangle from a variety of bright, fun and cheerful granny squares, an optional fabric lining is added, then the sides are tightened and some handles are sewn on. Such a beautiful and fashionable Square Bag, you can match most of the clothes by changing the color. Second, Crochet365knittoo designed a bag with sunflower elements. The style is also very simple, there is no complicated pattern, it is connected by 13 granny squares, which is relatively easy to use. You can wear light colored clothes with this Square Bag, you must look very beautiful and generous. Third,Crafternoontreats designed a very distinctive Granny Square Bag. It is made with 12 squares connected, plus the lining and the handle of the bag. The base colour of the bag was gold and I chose magenta, plum and burgundy for the flowers, all of which had a parchment centre. Beautiful admirable color and shape , I really like it. Thanks to Hearthookhome, Crochet365knittoo and Crafternoontreats for sharing the free crochet patterns, really beautiful. Links to these free patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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