Shark Blanket FREE Crochet Patterns

Shark Blanket FREE Crochet Patterns

Keeping warm in winter is always very important, no matter when I am working or resting, I cannot do without a warm blanket. For those of us who pursue beauty, the requirements for blankets are not only to keep warm, but also to be beautiful and different. So today we’ve picked out two tutorials by Shark Blanket who are very characterful and lovely. These blankets are as warm as they are beautiful and fun! First of all, the Blanket designed by Craftykittycrochet, it follows the color of the shark. The most distinctive feature is that it can cover the head. While keeping the head warm, it also looks very cute, as if it instantly became a shark. cute shark. Such a fun and warm Blanket, who wouldn’t want to own one? Second, Shark Blanket by Yarnspirations, this shark shows its cuteness, its beautiful eyes, and the funniest thing is that you keep it warm by getting into its mouth. This design is really interesting and creative. Excellent, free tutorial hope you like it. Thanks to Craftykittycrochet and Yarnspirations for sharing the free crochet patterns, really sweet and cute. Links to these free patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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