Knitted Slipper Boots FREE Patterns

Knitted Slipper Boots FREE Patterns

With winter approaching and the weather getting colder day by day, it becomes more and more important to keep your whole body warm, especially your feet. So today we especially recommend two tutorials on Knitted Slipper Boots. These Slipper Boots not only provide great warmth, but also provide a noticeable boost in temperament. And the items you make yourself are very satisfying and make your life feel more meaningful. First, the first introduced tutorial comes from Garnstudio, these slipper boots are red, it’s so elegant, every knit pattern is unique, it may take you a little time, but it’s definitely worth the experience. The tutorial is very clear and understandable. Following the production of the tutorial, you must be able to knit a pair of slipper boots of your own. The second is a tutorial by Knitty, who designed a pair of Slipper Boots in the style of French macarons, which have the bright colors of macarons and a nice shape pattern. So from a certain point of view, it is particularly “delicious”. The overall shape of this pair of boots is like a work of art. In addition to keeping warm, it can also be placed in the house as an ornament, full of mystery. The tutorial is also very easy to understand and learn. Many thanks to Garnstudio and Knitty for sharing the FREE knitting Patterns, amazing. Links to these free knitting patterns are below the image, Happy knitting!

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The 1st knitted Slipper Boots FREE knitting Pattern is link below:


The 2nd Slipper Boots FREE knitting Pattern is link below:


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