Pumpkin & Black Cat Basket Free Crochet Patterns

For me, pumpkins are the perfect fall decoration, and black cats are an indispensable Halloween addition. Today I had the pleasure of admiring this pumpkin and black cat basket crochet project! Many thanks to Tonya for sharing the free pattern with us. Also, she provides an ad-free, printable PDF for everyone.

These crochet pumpkin and black cat baskets is very cute and quick to make. Not only can they be used to decorate a room, but they can also make great gifts. First, you need to follow the free pattern provided by Tonya to make the basket, and then add some decorations. Pumpkin needs three triangular safety noses and an embroidered mouth, black cats need to use two safety cat eyes, safety nose, embroidered whiskers and crocheted ears, sewn to the outside of the cup top. Also, you can make pumpkins or cats different colors, and then fill them with candy or trinkets for a fun little surprise for someone! In our life, there are many beautiful things worth discovering, we should use our hands to create more beautiful things! Free crochet patterns are linked below the image, happy crocheting!

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Click the link for Pumpkin & Black Cat Basket FREE crochet pattern:

Pumpkin & Black Cat Basket Free Crochet Patterns

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