Santa Basket FREE Crochet / Knitting Patterns

If you’ve seen the Christmas set I recommended earlier, and you’ve added a large part of the Christmas atmosphere, wouldn’t it be more perfect to add some Christmas items to the room, such as Santa Basket? The first recommendation is the Santa Knit Basket by Yarnspirations, which has Santa’s face as its main part. The cute Santa starts with a red hat, and pink makes up its face. Of course, we can’t forget his iconic beard. Such a kind Santa Claus is realistic and lifelike. Do you like it? If you prefer a crochet pattern, then you can choose the crochet  Basket or Bag from Pattern-paradise. This project highlights Santa’s beard, and the beard with a ring of buttons is more ornamental and artistic. You can use some old-fashioned buttons for Santa’s eyes and nose, or you can even use beads, pom-poms, or maybe just paint it, you have a hundred ways to create a Christmas Basket or Bag with your own personality.       Many thanks to Yarnspirations and Pattern-paradise for the free crochet patterns, so beautiful! The free crochet/knit pattern is below the picture, let’s get started now! Happy crocheting/Knitting!

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The  Christmas basket or bag FREE pattern is link below:

Santa basket or bag FREE pattern

The  knit basket FREE pattern is link here:

Santa knit basket FREE pattern

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