Crochet Santa Slippers FREE Patterns

Crochet Santa Slippers FREE Patterns

Christmas is approaching, how to increase the Christmas atmosphere is a question I have been thinking about. You may have prepared a Christmas tree, snowman, and various decorations, so what if it is something that is both atmospheric and practical? If you’re looking for a project that will keep your feet warm while being pretty and Christmassy, ​​you’ve come to the right place, here are two free Crochet Santa Slippers tutorials to share with you, we Let’s take a look together. First, Crochet Slippers from Garnstudio Design. It is a bit like a pair of red dancing shoes, more than that, it brings together the elements of Christmas: red ➕ white. The pom poms next to the shoes give people a warm feeling. It’s very easy to make, and you can get it done in no time if you follow the tutorial. The second, the Santa Slippers by Bhookedcroche, is a warmer pair of shoes with the same Christmas vibe. The pom-pom on the upper highlights the better thermal function. It’s a particularly fun project and I’m sure you can enjoy making these pair of Slippers all week. And, With this project you’ll learn how to crochet the basic sole shape, a skill you can apply to any crochet slipper. Then you’ll learn how to construct the sides and top of the foot. Many thanks to Garnstudio and Bhookedcroche for sharing FREE cochet Patterns. They are all very beautifully designed. Links to these free crochet patterns are below the pictures, Happy crocheting!

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The 1st crochet slippers FREE Pattern is link here:


The 2nd crochet slippers FREE Pattern is link here:


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