/Star Pillow Free Knitting Patterns

Star Pillow Free Knitting Patterns

Pillows are the most common household items at home, and they are generally square or round. On days when you’re looking for something more personal and stylish, the Star Pillow is a great choice. Not only does it replace traditional pillows, but it becomes something more aesthetically pleasing. You can use it as an ornament to decorate your living space. Today we are going to share four free, high-quality knitted Star Pillow tutorials, let’s learn together. The first, designed by Michele Wilcox, is a classic   Pillow in the shape of a five-pointed star. In terms of color, you can choose blue or yellow. Of course, you can also use different colors of yarn to make  Pillow of different colors according to your needs. The second, the Pillow by Craftpassion, is a traditional pillow with a pattern of stars added. The star pattern of this pillow is created using colorwork, you need to change yarn color during knitting. She use the Intarsia method for the color change instead of carrying the yarn across the back of the star pillow knit piece. The third one, Gudrun Ohle The design is also a five-pointed star-shaped Pillow. Its characteristic is that the pattern looks confusing and psychedelic, the pattern is very beautiful, and the style of the entire Pillow is very interesting. Fourth, Annette Maass designed a Pillow that looks a bit like a starfish. It is very cute. You can also change its yarn according to your needs. The button in the middle of the entire Pillow is very individual. I love it like. Thanks to Michele Wilcox, Craftpassion, Gudrun Ohle and Annette Maass for sharing the free knitting patterns. To get these patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy Knitting!

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