Fairy Night Light FREE Crochet Tutorial

Fairy Night Light FREE Crochet Tutorial

Every girl has a dream about fairies as a child. Legend has it that in the enchanted forest, there are thousands of flower fairies who are transformed into the image of human children, cute and kind. When night falls, the fairies all fall into a sweet sleep, waiting for the first ray of sunshine in the morning. At this time, the flowers representing their own life form will emit a faint light, sending a glimmer of light to the passing insects. The dew that fell quietly at night hangs on the flowers and poles at will, and glitters brightly under the sunlight in the early morning.
Today I came across this crochet picture of this fairy night light and it took me back to my own childhood. This night light is beautiful and lovely as a whole, and the details are very rich. Shaped strips are embedded in the flower stems, with any concave and convex shapes. The hollow ball is placed with a small light bulb, and the flowers are perfectly wrapped and natural. The battery is also placed in the pillow, and it is very convenient to replace, which is both practical and beautiful. Such an fairy night light is very pleasing to the eyes, and it is also very satisfying to give to others. When night comes, turn on a night light, and the room looks beautiful and warm. The whole DIY process, from the beginning of the crocheting process to the solidification of the heart, makes your life more pleasing to the eye and fills your heart with a sense of accomplishment. The video tutorial link of the recorded night light can be found below the picture, what are you waiting for, let’s follow the video tutorial and start our fairy tale journey.

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The Fairy Night Light Crochet tutorial is below:

Fairy Night Light Video Tutorial

If you need the full kit, you can get it at the Etsy Store.

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