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Valentine Animal FREE Crochet Patterns

Valentine Animal FREE Crochet Patterns

On Valentine’s Day, we need some beautiful decorations to decorate our home, and some special gifts to express our love. It is very interesting to use various animal shapes to combine with Valentine’s Day to make some cute and beautiful decorations. Today we specially selected these five Valentine Animal FREE Crochet Patterns, which can satisfy our fantasy of Valentine’s Day, and hope you will like it too.

The first is Valentine Kitten by Tarturumies, a white cat and a black cat with intertwined tails. Black and white are timeless colors. When paired together with a red heart, it is very high-end and tasteful. This is not just a decoration, but more like a work of art in an exhibition hall.

The second is the Valentine Heart Cat designed by Amigurumi, which is also made of cat elements, the overall color is pink, a cute pink cat, two black eyes, and a ribbon around its neck. The overall shape is very cute, you can hold it in the palm of your hand. It is very suitable to give it to family and friends as a gift.

The third one is Valentine Puppy designed by Craftpassion. It is a cute light blue puppy. Its back is made of light blue yarn and its front is made of white yarn. The combination of blue and white makes the overall color very It’s clean and refreshing. The puppy holds a red heart on its chest, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day decoration. Such a cute puppy, I believe you will like it.

The fourth is Valentine Cat by Thoresbycottage, which is very, very cute. The design omits the design of the limbs, and the tail and body form the whole of the cat. Very cute. In terms of color, you can make it according to your favorite yarn. There is a heart on the cat’s body, so it looks like the cat is holding a heart balloon, which is very interesting and cute.

The last one is Valentine Owl designed by Hollyshobbiescrafts, the cute owl seems to be waving to us. The owl has big eyes, and the most distinctive feature is the heart shape on its belly, which is not only beautiful, but also very suitable for the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to all the designers for sharing these free crochet patterns! They are really cute. To get these Valentine Animal FREE Crochet patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the pictures. Enjoy!

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Links to these FREE Crochet Patterns are here:

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#5: Valentine Owl FREE Pattern

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