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Animal Bookmark Free Crochet Patterns

Animal Bookmark Free Crochet Patterns

People who like to read always like to prepare some beautiful or cute bookmarks, so that they can continue reading next time. We can make a crochet Animal Bookmark by ourselves, which can be used by ourselves, and it is also the best gift for friends. Using various animal shapes as elements to make a cute Animal Bookmark is not only very practical, but also very interesting. Today we’re sharing six free, high-quality Animal Bookmark crochet tutorials, hope you enjoy them. The first one is the mouse Bookmark designed by Supergurumi. It is made with the shape of a mouse, and the two eyes are stupid and cute. The Book-Mouse is crocheted in spiral rounds with single crochet stitches, chainstitches and slip stitches and is therefore very beginner-friendly. Apart from the ears and the eyes, the complete amigurumi mouse is crocheted in one piece, which is why this is the perfect crochet pattern for everyone who does not like sewing. The second is the Flamingo Bookmark designed by Goldenlucycrafts. The flamingo is very image-like. The most interesting thing is that its body is in the shape of a heart. Pink is its main color, using it as a bookmark, even reading a book is more romantic. The third one is Bookworm Bookmark designed by Crazypatterns. I think it looks a bit like a cute frog. It is very interesting and wears glasses. It is very knowledgeable and fits the theme of the book very well. Bookmark it, it’s a lot of fun. It must be the best choice to give it to your knowledgeable friends. The fourth is Bunny Bookmark designed by Hearthookhome, it is very cute, you can use white or gray as the main color, and add a pompom at the tail to make it even more cute. Of course, you can also make it according to your favorite color. The fifth is the giraffe Bookmark designed by Ashlea Konecny. The shape of the giraffe is very suitable for making a bookmark, because its long neck is exactly one of the elements required by the bookmark. A cute giraffe with a cute face is really lovable. The last one is Mouse Bookmark designed by Supergurumi. Based on the design of the first tutorial, it adopts a flat body design, so you can put it in your book more conveniently. This is a very interesting design and style. It is a very suitable gift for the little ones. Thanks to all the designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, it’s really cute. Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Links to these six FREE Animal Bookmark patterns are here:

Mouse Bookmark FREE PATTERN 1

Flamingo Applique FREE PATTERN 2

Bookworm Assisatant FREE PATTERN 3

Rabbit Bookmark FREE PATTERN 4

Giraffe Bookmark FREE PATTERN 5

Rat Bookmark FREE PATTERN 6

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