/Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Patterns
Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Patterns

Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Patterns

We’ve shared a lot about Christmas decorations and items before that many readers have loved. Today we are going to share some crochet tutorials for Tissue Box Cover, which can be used as Christmas decorations or as gift wrap. Here are four free, high-quality patterns, hoping to have your choice. The first one is the Box Cover designed by Nickishomemadecrafts. It is made with the design elements of the gift box. The tissue box is designed as a Christmas gift box. It is very beautiful and has a Christmas atmosphere. Every time you take out a tissue from the tissue box, It’s as much fun as pulling a present out of a gift box. The second one is the Box Cover designed by Nanascraftyhome, which also uses Christmas elements. It uses a Christmas hat to make a tissue box cover, and the bottom is where the tissue is placed. The whole image looks like an anthropomorphic Santa Claus, which is very interesting. The third Box Cover is designed by Nickishomemadecrafts. It uses Santa’s belt as the main body of the whole image, which has a very Christmas atmosphere and is very simple to make. Even beginners can easily make it by themselves according to the tutorial. The last one is the Box Cover designed by Suzyssitcom. It has the same style of using Santa Claus’s belt as the main body of the image. The difference is that you can use a real belt to decorate the entire Tissue Box Cover, which will make the whole look more beautiful Interesting, image. The hollow figure of its main part is also one of its characteristics. Thanks to all the designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, really awesome. Let’s follow the tutorial and get started. To get these FREE patterns , please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Link to these four FREE Tissue Box Cover patterns are here:

Gift Tissue Box Cover FREE PATTERN 1