Crochet Peace Dove FREE Patterns

Crochet Peace Dove FREE Patterns

Doves symbolize peace, friendship, unity and holiness. During major celebrations, the people of some countries will express their joy by releasing pigeons. The dove not only symbolizes peace, but also the messenger of love, and is called the love bird by the world. The dove is also a symbol of equality, symbolizing the harmony between man and nature, and the equality between man and man. Today we’ve featured three lovely crochet peace dove crochet projects. First of all, Angelina Taranina’s crochet dove, is a smiling dove, pink blush, soaring action, destined to be an addictive, very cute project. All you need to do is follow the tutorial step by step and you will end up with a lovely crochet peace dove. The crochet dove of Lilleliis, to pray for world peace, is a dove of peace. Created with heart, this peace dove is a great decoration to hang on the window. In addition to the pigeon itself, the tutorial also includes a method for making love accessories. Finally, Ewelina Wieczorek’s crochet dove, more like a newborn pigeon baby, looks at the world dimly. Beautiful eyes, lifelike, at the same time let us feel the beauty of life. Sincere thanks to Angelina Taranina, Lilleliis and Ewelina Wieczorek for the free crochet patterns, so cute! You can find the free crochet patterns below the image, let’s follow the tutorials and make them. Happy crocheting!

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Dove of the Peace FREE PATTERN is link here:

FREE Pattern 1

Armigurumi Dove FREE PATTERN is link here:

FREE Pattern 2

Crochet dove FREE Pattern is link below:

FREE Pattern 3

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