/Crochet Tiny Snowman FREE Patterns
Crochet Tiny Snowman FREE Patterns

Crochet Tiny Snowman FREE Patterns

Snowmen are always a favorite as Christmas decorations, whether it’s on trees, walls, windows…we can never have too many. Today we will learn to make Crochet Tiny Snowman, they are very miniature snowmen. They are very small and look even more cute. Here are three free, excellent tutorials that I hope you enjoy. first, Sweetsofties designed a little snowman wearing a green hat. It is also wearing a small red scarf, which is very cute, and with its small size, you can hold it in your hand and play with it. Second, Yarnhild designed a little snowman with a big head. Its head is bigger than its body, making it even more cute as a little snowman, and it looks like it is about to open its arms and want to hug you. It is very convenient to make, you can follow the tutorial and make it completely within 30 minutes. Finally, Withlovefeli has created an even smaller snowman that is only as big as your fingertip. If you don’t have much yarn or time, the Crochet Tiny Snowman will be your best choice. What a lovely scene it would be when a Christmas tree is covered with these tiny snowmen? Thanks to Sweetsofties, Yarnhild and Withlovefeli for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are so cute! Links to these free patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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Links to these Tiny Snowman crochet FREE patterns are here:




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