/Christmas Star FREE Crochet Patterns
Christmas Star FREE Crochet Patterns

Christmas Star FREE Crochet Patterns

As Christmas approaches, are you getting your Christmas decorations ready? A Christmas Star is one of the best decorations to capture the spirit of Christmas. Hang it on the Christmas tree, or hang it on the wall or window, it is very eye-catching. Today we share four free and excellent crochet Christmas Star tutorials, hope to help you. First off, the Star by Anniedesigncrochet comes with tassels and you can style them in vibrant colors or traditional Christmas colors. It is a simple and quick solution, you only need to spend 15 minutes to make it independently. Second, what Littlewoollie designed is a three-dimensional star with a concave-convex feel, which is different from the general style, and it is more full of three-dimensionality. You can use different colors to match your favorite Christmas Star full of personality. All color matching and creation come from yourself. Thirdly, Hopefulhoney designed a Star with traditional Christmas colors, which used green, red, and white colors. This color combination is very balanced, and it is a good decoration for hanging on Christmas trees, walls, and windows. Finally, Spincushions designed a flat-style Star. You can choose your favorite color to make each Star, red, yellow, and green. You can make a series of Christmas Stars in a complete set. A variety of colors interspersed and matched to decorate your home. And its production is very simple, you can quickly get started to complete it. Thanks to Anniedesigncrochet, Littlewoollie, Hopefulhoney and Spincushions for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are so exquisite! Links to these free patterns are below the pictures, happy crochet!

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Links to these crochet Christmas Star FREE patterns are here: