/Hooded Fox Cowl FREE Crochet Patterns

Hooded Fox Cowl FREE Crochet Patterns

Hooded Cowl is an indispensable item in winter, they are warm and comfortable and very popular, I have seen some animal Hooded Cowl, such as fox, teddy bear, panda… They are so cute and irresistible, so Let’s make them ourselves. Here are two super nice free Hooded Fox Cowl crochet tutorials. Nittinninja’s Hooded Cowl tutorial is specially prepared for children, and it looks very cute and naughty. The yarn is soft and fluffy and can make you look like you’re wearing fur, but it doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a small animal. Sweetsofties’  Fox Cowl crochet tutorial is also suitable for adults and also features a cute fox pattern. The Hooded Fox Cowl for these two tutorials is not only comfortable on the head and neck, but also a lot of fun to wear this cold winter. The tutorial’s crochet has great attention to detail every step of the way to make sure any seams are very secure, as are the ears! Also very durable! Of course, you can also customize the color of the fox yourself, and the personalized fox will also be very fashionable. Many thanks to Nittinninja and Sweetsofties for the free crochet tutorial, so cute! The free crochet pattern is below the picture, let’s get started! Happy crocheting!

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Fox Hooded Cowl FREE Pattern is link here:

Fox Cowl Free Pattern

Sweetsofties’ Hooded Cowl FREE Pattern is link here:

Hooded Cowl Free Pattern

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