/Knitted Legwarmer FREE Knitting Patterns
Knitted Legwarmer FREE Knitting Patterns

Knitted Legwarmer FREE Knitting Patterns

The temperature has dropped dramatically recently and we must keep warm. The warmth of the legs and feet will make the whole body more comfortable and warm. The three Knitted Legwarmers we are going to share today can not only keep you warm, but also match your clothes to bring out your temperament even more. So let’s learn these three free and high-quality tutorials. First up, Veronika Jobe designed a red-dominated Knitted Legwarmer that featured a row of buttons along the side. Buttons are not only for decoration, but also for easy on and off. The overall style is very nice, a bit retro. The second is a Legwarmer made of red and white yarn by Craftpassion, with a graphic of a cable design, and a cotton ball made of red yarn as a decoration in the part of the white yarn. Very cute and stylish. The third design from Garnstudio is a pure white Legwarmer, which uses a pattern of regular cable shapes to make it. It is very simple to make and very atmospheric. It looks cool while looking good. Many thanks to Veronika Jobe, Craftpassion and Garnstudio for sharing the free knitting patterns, they are really fascinating. Let’s follow the tutorial and make it together. To get these FREE patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy knitting!

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Knitted Legwarmer FREE Knitting Patterns

Links to these FREE Knitted Legwarmer patterns are here: