/Crocheted Melted Snowman FREE Patterns
Crocheted Melted Snowman FREE Patterns

Crocheted Melted Snowman FREE Patterns

Snowmen have always been one of the most popular elements of Christmas. Melted Snowmen is unique, it is very interesting Christmas decorations, very cute. It looks great on a coffee table, bookshelf, or over a fireplace. Today we are going to share four excellent, free Crocheted Melted Snowman patterns, let’s see which one is your favourite. The first design from Goldenlucycrafts is a melting snowman wearing a black top hat. On its body, there is a bunch of buttons, just like the snowman wearing a white dress. Very cute and interesting. The second is Melted Snowman from Highlandhickorydesigns, it wears a blue hat and scarf, and a pair of blue gloves. The color matching is very coordinated, and this snowman is also very cute and lively. The third one is Melted Snowman from Crystalized-designs, it looks like a Christmas elf, it wears a light blue hat, and flies like an elf. Look, it’s still smiling at you. The fourth Melted Snowman from Fireflycrochet is a stylish snowman wearing a top hat and a plaid scarf, very fashionable and very interesting. Thanks to Goldenlucycrafts, Highlandhickorydesigns, Crystalized-designs and Fireflycrochet for sharing free crochet patterns, they are really attractive. Let’s follow the tutorial and make our own melted snowman together. To get these FREE patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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Links to these four Crocheted Melted Snowman FREE patterns are here: