Animal Alphabet Block Free Crochet Patterns

Animal Alphabet Block Free Crochet Patterns

These Animal Alphabet Block designs are so creative and cute! Each plane of Block has different animal patterns and letters, perfect for children to play and learn new knowledge in the process. These block crochet design tutorials are from Leftinknots and are very clear, with nearly a dozen patterns to choose from. Moreover, each letter also represents a different animal, such as: Crochet Alphabet D E F: D is for Dog (or Deer), E is for Elephant, F is for Fox. Crochet Alphabet G H I: G is for Gecko, H is for Hippo, I is for Inchworm. Crochet Alphabet J K L: J is for Jellyfish, K is for Koala, L is for Lion. Crochet Alphabet M N O: M is for Monkey, N is for Narwhal, O is for Owl. Crochet Alphabet P Q R: P is for Penguin, Q is for Quetzal, R is for Raccoon. Crochet Alphabet S T U: S is for Sheep, T is for Turtle, U is for Unicorn. Crochet Alphabet V W X: V is for Vampire Bat, W is for Whale, X is for X-ray Tetra. Crochet Alphabet Y Z: Y is for Yak, Z is for Zebra. Many thanks to Leftinknots for sharing the FREE crochet Pattern, so cute. Links to free crochet patterns and details are below the image, Happy crocheting!

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