How to Draw a Coffee Cup by AI

How to Draw a Coffee Cup by AI

The word Coffee comes from the Arabic Qahwa, which means “vegetable drink”, and later spread to Turkey, where it became the source of the word in European languages. But before the 15th century AD, coffee was monopolized by the Arab world for a long time and only spread among Muslim countries; it was mainly used in medicine and religion at that time. Muslim doctors and monks admitted that coffee has refreshing, refreshing, stomachic, physical, Hemostasis and other effects; the use of coffee has been documented since the beginning of the 15th century, and it was integrated into religious ceremonies during this period, and it also appeared in the folk as a daily drink. Because alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Muslim world, coffee became an important social drink at the time.

Back to the topic, today we will learn to draw a coffee cup by using AI. This tutorial is easy for beginners, enjoy!

How to Draw a Coffee Cup by AI1. First draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool .

2. Select the rectangle, and then use the perspective distortion in the free change tool.

How to Draw a Coffee Cup by AI

3.Change the rectangle into an upside-down trapezoid.

4. On top of the trapezoid, use the Rounded Rectangle Tool to draw a rounded rectangle.

5. On top of the rounded rectangle, use the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangle.

6. Use the Perspective Distortion Tool again to turn the rectangle into a trapezoid.

7. Copy the trapezoid in Figure 3 in situ. Fill with different colors.

8. Use the eraser tool to erase the upper and lower sides.

9. Delete redundant parts.

10. Use the rectangle tool to draw a rope.

11. Draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool.

12. Using the Polygon Tool, draw a triangle.

13. Combine the rectangles and triangles and place them under the rope.


Do you know how to choose the right coffee cup?
During the cleaning process of the coffee cup, it is strictly forbidden to use a hard brush to scrub, and the use of strong acid and strong alkali cleaners should also be avoided to avoid scratches and damage to the surface of the coffee cup. When choosing a coffee cup, you can choose the right coffee cup for different occasions according to your personal preference, the type of coffee and the drinking method. Due to the change of personal preferences and places, here are several choices for the types and drinking methods of coffee. Small coffee cups under 100ml – mostly used to hold strong Italian-style coffee or single-origin coffee, such as Italian espresso with only about 50ml. Although it is almost emptied, the coffee has a lingering fragrance after drinking it. The lingering mellow aftertaste and the temperature that seems to be forever warm can warm your heart the most.

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