Crochet Turkey Coaster FREE Patterns

Crochet Turkey Coaster FREE Patterns

Thanksgiving is an ancient festival created by the American people, and it is a festival for everyone to gather together with their families. Thanksgiving seems imperfect without turkey! Today, let’s learn how to make a Crochet Turkey Coaster, which will make a great Thanksgiving decoration. The first work to be introduced is from Sarah, her Crochet Turkey is a brown turkey, red, gold, green, and orange make up its cockscomb, this is a cute, cute turkey, it seems to be smiling . This is a relatively quick project, you can do it in no time, it’s so easy, put it on your dining table and it will look great! Another tutorial is from Craftpassion. It looks like a turkey with Indian characteristics, with bright feathers and contrasting colors to outline its outline, which gives a very magical feeling. To crochet these Crochet Turkey Coasters, all you need is some yarn in 5 to 6 colors; some white, black, and red felt; sewing thread, and of course, a crochet hook to crochet. The tutorial emphasizes a lot of details. If you follow the tutorial step by step, you can get a very delicate and satisfactory Crochet Turkey Coaster. Sincere thanks to Sarah and Craftpassion for this free crochet pattern, let’s follow the tutorial and make one for the upcoming Thanksgiving. You can find the free pattern below the picture, ENJOY!

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